Flora, Mississippi
In Flora, Mississippi, football is a town thing. And the town expects to win. With four state championship games and two titles in the last seven years, Coach David Blount has delivered for his hometown. But in the 2015 state championship, a Hail Mary pass delivered his most crushing loss in 37 years in coaching. Shortly after the season, the Rebels beat down the doors of the weight room and are back at it with an intensity coach has never seen before. What’s the formula in Flora? Start with tough, country kids whose hands aren’t soft from video games. Demand respect. Practice “team-first,” not “head-first.” And make hard work fun. So, when Coach Blount turns on the sprinklers for sprints during 2-A-Days, he’ll be staring at the town’s next championship-hungry team. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
Seven years in for Coach Blount. Four state championship games. Two titles. And one hail mary pass that kept Flora, Mississippi from the crown in 2015. This town is ready for football season. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
the wait
99 Yards is always on my mind. It’s what haunts me and drives me back. I can’t wait to get the chance. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
team first
Coach Blount practices team-first. It’s about driving the fundamentals into these young men, not grinding them into the ground. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
The Program
Coach David Blount has led the Rebels to four State Championship games in the last seven years, winning two. In 2015, the Rebels lost one for the ages 8-7L. In 2016, #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
demand respect
Tri-County has zero team rules. Coach Blount's only mantra: Demand Respect. Respect your teammates, your opponents, your teachers, your parents. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
Father and son at midfield. They tell you to keep your head up, but when it's a 99-yard heartbreaker for the ages, sometimes you just can't. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
back for more
We’ve got a good crop back this year, but no one will hand us anything. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
Farm Hands
A lot of us work all summer on our family farms. We come to 2­-A-­Days to rest. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
We Don't run
Coach Blount has a new school style of conditioning through competing. Why does he do it? "Because they don't notice how much they're running when they’re competing. Winners get rewarded. Losers get more work." #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
friday night
This is what the Tri-County Academy stadium will look like on Friday nights this fall. But only on away games. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
only numbers
In high school football, there are no names. Only teams. Only numbers. Choose your number wisely and if you’re an underclassman, earn the number you want next year. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
rebel with a cause
The other team hadn't completed a pass the entire game until they threw a Hail Mary to end a 99-yard drive and hand Tri-County Academy a devastating loss in last season's state title game. But it's a new season, and this Rebel has a cause.
These barrels turn into Greenville Saints on Friday night. The Tri-County Academy Rebels will be ready.
rebels wear boots
During football season in Flora, Miss., players trade in their boots for cleats.
get it right
Practice doesn’t end until we get it right.
high five flex
Some teams just high-five. The Tri-County Academy Rebels finish their high-five with a flex. Student Photographer, Tyler White