New Palestine, Indiana
The New Palestine Story
New Palestine, Indiana, is a small town with a big coach. 30-year old Kyle Ralph, former D1 lineman and charismatic, innovative coach is 41-2 in his first 3 seasons at New Pal, winning the first state championship in school history in 2014, crushing state scoring records. However, his proudest moment came in the 2015 state championship when his team lost one for the ages. Coming all the way back from 28 down in the second half, the Dragons fell short by just 8 seconds. Why was he so proud? His team lived his mantra that day. “Win. Lose. Quit. The only one that’s not an option is to quit.” The New Palestine Dragons never quit. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
come back strong
The New Palestine Dragons have a chip on their shoulder this season. They have something to prove to themselves, their coach, and their town. It's time to #SettleYourScore #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Grab a leaf
If we fumble in practice, Coach Ralph makes us run a quarter mile to grab a leaf off a tree. How many fumbles did we have last season? Two. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
46 sons
46% of all high school head coaches describe themselves as father figures. Head Coach Kyle Ralph has 46 sons. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Coach tells us to protect those who can't protect themselves. So there are no bullies in New Pal. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Star-Spangled Break
The only time the Dragons stop practice? When the national anthem plays at a nearby girls’ softball game. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Last Bell
When the bell rings at 2:20PM on Friday in New Pal, cars don't pull out of the parking lot, they pull in. Friday night tailgating starts Friday afternoon. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
3,000 Pounds
We jumped 3,000 lbs. in the weight room in Coach Ralph’s first 3 months. Strength builds confidence. Confidence wins championships. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
History Lesson
At the New Palestine town museum, last year's state championship loss is far from history. They'll never forget those last eight seconds, but now they're using what haunts them to motivate their Dragons back to state. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
6K Strong
New Palestine is a town of 2,000. How many fans showed up for their state championship game? 6,000. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
never alone
If you play for the New Pal Dragons, you’re never alone even when you are. Because this isn’t just a football team. This is a family. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Before you raise the state championship trophy, you’ve gotta learn the plays. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
home team
Some people call Coach Kyle Ralph the best thing to ever happen to New Palestine football. Other people just call him Dad. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
A hard sign to walk by every day after losing the state championship last season. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
My Turn
I’ve been a backup for three seasons. This season, I start. They say I have big shoes to fill. That’s why I’m out here. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
listen up
When Coach Ralph speaks, he holds the attention of his entire team. He’s earned their respect, not through decibels, but through actions. And he inspires them to be better humans, not just better players. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
8 Seconds
The New Palestine Dragons lost in the last eight seconds of their state championship game. Those eight seconds could haunt their team, but instead they've chosen to turn it into motivation. Placing 8 seconds on billboards, banners, signs throughout town and even team practice gear. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Eyes on this season. Mind on last. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
the seniors
These are the Seniors of New Palestine. They’ve played together since kindergarten. They eat together. They spend weekends together. They still actually like each other. And though this is their last season playing football together, their bonds will remain. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
the huddle
The huddle is one of football’s most common images. In the pros, it’s where you call the plays. But in high school, it means something different. You don’t just huddle before a play. You huddle after a 45-minute stairs session. You huddle after weights. You huddle after game film. You huddle because you’re a brotherhood. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
fumble fists
Before the Dragons get back to state, they must learn to hold onto the ball. How? Fumble Fists. These foam rubber gloves are a great way to train players from getting stripped of the ball. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Having a state championship loss to carry on your back is heavy enough. Add a 45 lb. plate to that loss and you’ve entered Coach Ralph’s weight room. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
this season
Those eight seconds haunt me. It’s there when I go to sleep. It’s there when I wake up. It’s there when I go to practice. But it won’t hold me back. It will inspire me. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
who's gym?
Indiana is known for basketball. But in the summer, the football team takes over the gym. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
give back
Every preseason, the Dragons hold Camp Ability, a day where the team teaches football skills to special needs kids. Why? Because when you sign up to be a Dragon, you have a responsibility that’s bigger than football. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
double time
2-A-Days in New Palestine aren't just for the football team. March on Dragons. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
new dragons
These are the freshmen Dragons. They don’t look like it now, but in a couple years, they might just be the leaders of an Indiana football dynasty. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Camp Ability
Playing football can change your life. That’s why the New Pal Dragons like to give back by helping change a few lives of their own through Camp Ability.
The New Palestine Dragons will suit up 45 kids to get back to state. Most teams in their conference, closer to 100. This varsity lineman plays both ways like almost all the Dragons. His 15-second break during a summer scrimmage is the only break he gets all night.
At 8-0, New Palestine’s family approach to football seems to be working. Student Photographer, Shelby Horsley
pink ribbon
Breast Cancer awareness is personal for the New Pal Dragons. Student Photographer, Shelby Horsley
stand together
Breast Cancer awareness is personal for the New Pal Dragons. Student Photographer, Shelby Horsley
Breast Cancer awareness is personal for the New Pal Dragons. Student Photographer, Shelby Horsley