Maria Stein, Ohio
The Marion Local Story
For one German Catholic community, family is everything and football is family. This is Maria Stein, Ohio. The team, the Marion Local Flyers. On the back of Coach Tim Goodwin, the school has been to the state championship 10 times in 17 years, winning 8 of them. In 2015, riding a 24-game playoff win streak and four straight state titles, the Flyers fell short by two points. Though losing isn’t their thing, Coach Goodwin believes losing is the best teacher in football. In 2016, it’s time to put that lesson into practice. School is now in session at Marion Local. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
We walked into Ohio stadium with four straight championships, and a playoff record of 24-0. We walked out 24-1. Now a team that only knows how to win must find motivation in our biggest loss. This billboard in our town is a constant reminder to turn that one game into fuel for another state championship. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
play angry
With four straight state titles, we're used to seeing the other team with tears in their eyes. But last year, it was us. This year, we play angry. This summer, reps. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
We came up short on our fifth straight state title. Now me and my QB come in early and stay late, getting in reps. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
thinking cap
How's Marion Local getting back to state this season? Quarterback has a couple ideas. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
our house
Some high schools name their field after one person. Marion Local named theirs after the people who support them. And just like the Flyers, they’ll be back this season. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
go long
How far can I throw the ball? I don't know. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Football is Family
Here in Maria Stein, Ohio, family is everything and football is family. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
huddle up
Coach Tim Goodwin: football coach, math teacher, high school principal. Marion Flyer. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
summer school
School hasn't started yet but football has. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Pushing past what haunts us. Pushing past that state championship loss. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
football feeds
We make grain that feeds America but it's football that feeds our town. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Come August, this might be the most popular spot in Maria Stein. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Behind this tackling dummy is a 12 year old equipment manager. He'll haul this back and forth over 5 miles this season. And he'd haul it 10 if it meant getting the Flyers back to state. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Marion Flyers ready for takeoff. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Before the Marion Local Flyers took the field last Friday night, they took a knee. They went on to win 34-13. Here’s to Friday night. #TeamOn Student Photograph, Carlee Kremer
all we have to do
PLAY OUR GAME is the mantra that motivates the Flyers high school football team this season. Student Photographer, Carlee Kremer.