Brunswick, Georgia
Glynn Academy, in Brunswick, Georgia, is the fifth oldest high school in the country. But this old school is winning with a new school approach to team. With a diversity of players representing all walks of life, Coach Rocky Hidalgo has found the perfect tool to bond this diverse team: trust. He forges deep relationships one player at a time. And he’s quickly made true believers out of team and town with a 2015 state championship berth, the first since 1964, only to lose by just four points. Now with a chip on their shoulder and a hunger for the title, Coach Rocky Hidalgo and his team have uncovered a newfound intensity under the live oak of south Georgia. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
The Terrors and their faithful will stare down this billboard as a reminder of how close they came to their first state championship in 51 years. Instead of forgetting the loss, they'll use it as motivation, driving this hungry team back to its rightful place at the top of Georgia football. #SettleYourScore Glynn Academy Terrors
last chance
Last year, we were one yard short from winning state. I think about that one yard every day. This is my school. My senior year. My last chance. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
spanish moss
In Brunswick, Georgia, the Spanish moss hangs over the practice field like one yard hangs over the Glynn Academy Terrors. Coach Rock now uses one yard to motivate his team to get back where they belong. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
We're counting down to the first game of the season with every rep. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
peanut butter
How do you feed a state championship? 200 peanut butter sandwiches every day after practice. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
stare down
This season, we will stare down what haunts us. As the QB, it's my job to never look away. I will do everything I can to get us back to state. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
we're back
We will not turn our back on last season. We're going to use it to get us back to where we belong -- all the way back to Atlanta. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
away game
At away games, we’re all cheerleaders. Glynn Academy Terrors pump up their traveling fans in the bleachers. Student Photographer, Peyton Hoffman
The thirst is real. Student Photographer, Peyton Hoffman
pep talks
Not all pep talks come from the coach. Student Photographer, Peyton Hoffman