Albany, Georgia
The Deerfield-Windsor Story
In Southwest Georgia, speed wins. Coach Allen Lowe, a second-generation coach at Deerfield-Windsor, is known for his fast-paced practices and games. On offense, defense, and special teams, he wants to create a dizzying pace for the opponent, which he calls the “perfect storm.” That style has led the Knights to three state titles in eight years, but in the 2015 state championship, the perfect storm fell just short. While Coach Lowe hurts for his seniors, he has a stacked team ready to ring the Friday Night cowbells and make another run at state. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
Visualizing state in 2016, remembering the 25-yard line that haunts us from 2015 . #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
Most coaches only want their boys playing football and lifting weights. Coach Lowe encourages his boys to play multiple sports. Why? Because it makes them better football athletes. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
power clean
Power clean. Mid-July. Nobody said the road back to state would be pretty. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
The Chamber
Varsity locker room. The Knights in their chamber. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
Preseason in the south. Players don their helmets. Coaches don their buckets. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
don't hide
The Deerfield-Windsor Knights lost state at the 25-yard line. And they’re not hiding from it. They wear it on their chests. It’s become their fuel for the new season. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
hot lunch
We lost our whole offensive line. Where’d we find the new one? The cafeteria. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
When I look out across this practice field, I don’t see loss. I see redemption. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
The Knights are more than eleven players on a football field. Every student, teacher, and parent will carry this team back to a state championship. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
names change
With every new season, the names may change, but the brotherhood lives on. And with 13 seniors back, the brotherhood is strong. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
Victory Lap
This golf cart normally hauls trainer supplies. But after a 42-28 win over their biggest rival last Friday night, these senior Knights took it for a victory lap. #TeamOn Deerfield-Windsor Knights, Student Photographer, Byers Morris
Only 4% of teams are made in the game. Sometimes, team is found in between Math and Biology. Student Photographer, Byers Morris