New Palestine Dragons
The Marion Local Story
For one German Catholic community, family is everything and football is family. This is Maria Stein, Ohio. The team, the Marion Local Flyers. On the back of Coach Tim Goodwin, the school has been to the state championship 10 times in 17 years, winning 8 of them. In 2015, riding a 24-game playoff win streak and four straight state titles, the Flyers fell short by two points. Though losing isn’t their thing, Coach Goodwin believes losing is the best teacher in football. In 2016, it’s time to put that lesson into practice. School is now in session at Marion Local. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
The Terrors and their faithful will stare down this billboard as a reminder of how close they came to their first state championship in 51 years. Instead of forgetting the loss, they'll use it as motivation, driving this hungry team back to its rightful place at the top of Georgia football. #SettleYourScore Glynn Academy Terrors
Star-Spangled Break
The only time the Dragons stop practice? When the national anthem plays at a nearby girls’ softball game. One of the few breaks they get as they try to get back to state after losing in the last eight seconds. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ New Pal Dragons
the wait
99 Yards is always on my mind. It’s what haunts me and drives me back. I can’t wait to get the chance. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
Catching Salmon
The Lummi Nation has been catching salmon on the Puget Sound for thousands of years. Football is their chance to catch something else. And for this 8-Man team, this season is their chance to get back to state after losing last year by one play. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Lummi Nation Blackhawks
last chance
Last year, we were one yard short from winning state. I think about that one yard every day. This is my school. My senior year. My last chance. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
our house
Some high schools name their field after one person. Marion Local named theirs after the people who support them. And just like the Flyers, they’ll be back this season. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
In Flora, Mississippi, football is a town thing. And the town expects to win. With four state championship games and two titles in the last seven years, Coach David Blount has delivered for his hometown. But in the 2015 state championship, a Hail Mary pass delivered his most crushing loss in 37 years in coaching. Shortly after the season, the Rebels beat down the doors of the weight room and are back at it with an intensity coach has never seen before. What’s the formula in Flora? Start with tough, country kids whose hands aren’t soft from video games. Demand respect. Practice “team-first,” not “head-first.” And make hard work fun. So, when Coach Blount turns on the sprinklers for sprints during 2-A-Days, he’ll be staring at the town’s next championship-hungry team. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
football feeds
We make the grain that feeds America but it's football that feeds our town. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
Father and son at midfield. They tell you to keep your head up, but when it's a 99-yard heartbreaker for the ages, sometimes you just can't. #SettleYourScore Tri-County Academy Rebels
Glynn Academy, in Brunswick, Georgia, is the fifth oldest high school in the country. But this old school is winning with a new school approach to team. With a diversity of players representing all walks of life, Coach Rocky Hidalgo has found the perfect tool to bond this diverse team: trust. He forges deep relationships one player at a time. And he’s quickly made true believers out of team and town with a 2015 state championship berth, the first since 1964, only to lose by just four points. Now with a chip on their shoulder and a hunger for the title, Coach Rocky Hidalgo and his team have uncovered a newfound intensity under the live oak of south Georgia. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
peanut butter
How do you feed a state championship? 200 peanut butter sandwiches every day after practice. ‪#‎SettleYourScore‬ Glynn Academy Terrors
The Deerfield-Windsor Story
In Southwest Georgia, speed wins. Coach Allen Lowe, a second-generation coach at Deerfield-Windsor, is known for his fast-paced practices and games. On offense, defense, and special teams, he wants to create a dizzying pace for the opponent, which he calls the “perfect storm.” That style has led the Knights to three state titles in eight years, but in the 2015 state championship, the perfect storm fell just short. While Coach Lowe hurts for his seniors, he has a stacked team ready to ring the Friday Night cowbells and make another run at state. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
don't hide
The Deerfield-Windsor Knights lost state at the 25-yard line. And they’re not hiding from it. They wear it on their chests. It’s become their fuel for the new season. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
the lummi nation story
The Lummi Nation Blackhawks of Northwest Washington may only have 8-men on the field, but their team is made up of the 5,000 members of the Lummi Nation Tribe of Northwest Washington. With a former CFL/NFL wide receiver Jim Sandusky as their coach, who built a football field on his own land, the Blackhawks have become a winning program, uniting a Native American community with football. In 2015, their state championship run was thwarted by one play, but in 2016, Coach Sandman fully expects to be back. #SettleYourScore Lummi Nation Blackhawks
play angry
With four straight state titles, we're used to seeing the other team with tears in their eyes. But last year, it was us. This year, we play angry. This summer, reps. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
The New Palestine Story
New Palestine, Indiana, is a small town with a big coach. 30-year old Kyle Ralph, former D1 lineman and charismatic, innovative coach is 41-2 in his first 3 seasons at New Pal, winning the first state championship in school history in 2014, crushing state scoring records. However, his proudest moment came in the 2015 state championship when his team lost one for the ages. Coming all the way back from 28 down in the second half, the Dragons fell short by just 8 seconds. Why was he so proud? His team lived his mantra that day. “Win. Lose. Quit. The only one that’s not an option is to quit.” The New Palestine Dragons never quit. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Most coaches only want their boys playing football and lifting weights. Coach Lowe encourages his boys to play multiple sports. Why? Because it makes them better football athletes. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
Big Shoes
I’ve been a backup for three seasons. This season, I start. They say I have big shoes to fill. That’s why I’m out here. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Behind this tackling dummy is a 12 year old equipment manager. He'll haul this back and forth over 5 miles this season. And he'd haul it 10 if it meant getting the Flyers back to state. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
never alone
If you play for the New Pal Dragons, you’re never alone even when you are. Because this isn’t just a football team. This is a family. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
We came up short on our fifth straight state title. Now me and my QB come in early and stay late, getting in reps. #SettleYourScore Marion Local Flyers
the chamber
Varsity locker room, preseason. The Knights in their chamber. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
the huddle
The huddle is one of football’s most common images. In the pros, it’s where you call the plays. But in high school, it means something different. You don’t just huddle before a play. You huddle after a 45-minute stairs session. You huddle after weights. You huddle after game film. You huddle because you’re a brotherhood. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
Preseason in the south. Players don their helmets. Coaches don their buckets. #SettleYourScore Deerfield-Windsor Knights
the seniors
These are the Seniors of New Palestine. They’ve played together since kindergarten. They eat together. They spend weekends together. They still actually like each other. And though this is their last season playing football together, their bonds will remain. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons
listen up
When Coach Ralph speaks, he holds the attention of his entire team. He’s earned their respect, not through decibels, but through actions. And he inspires them to be better humans, not just better players. #SettleYourScore New Pal Dragons